The Ashes - 1948 - Tour Pack

The Ashes - 1948 - Tour Pack

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1948 saw the arrival on English shores of an Australian team of unparalleled skill. In a tour lasting six months, Australia went unbeaten and the 'Invincibles' legend was born.

Much has been written about the Invincibles over the years and now, with this special Minden Cricket Tour Pack you can replicate Australia's historic tour. Whether it's batting on a sticky wicket at Lord's or avoiding the Don's last Test duck, this Pack will provide hours of replay cricket enjoyment. Everything you need to complete the full 1948 summer tour is here, including:

  • Advanced Player Cards and Basic Game Ratings for the 36 Australian and English players who took part in the five match Test match series
  • Basic Game ratings for 345 County Players from the 1948 Country Championship, enabling you to not only play all of Australia's Tour Matches against the counties, but also the full County Championship if you so desired
  • A full schedule of all of Australia's Tour Matches starting with early April's opening game against Worcestershire and concluding with the final match of the season at the Scarborough Festival in September
  • An all new 'Wet Wicket' Pitch Card for use with Minden Playing Card Cricket 5th Edition. This card enables you to replicate the uncovered pitches that were the norm at the time
  • Two new Pitch Charts which simulate the behaviour of wet wickets over the course of a five day Test Match
This set of Advanced Player Cards is available as a downloadable PDF immediately after purchase.
Image Source: Cricket Australia.

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