Minden Playing Card Cricket has stood the test of time since it first launched way back in 1979 as one of the first replay sports games based on Test Match cricket.

Since then it has evolved into a detailed replica of all elements of the world's finest sports. Following a full revision of the game, we re-launched it as the 5th Edition in 2009. Today the game has garnered a new generation of fans from around the world ... and we thought we'd include some of the nice things they've said to us over the past few years :-)

First of all, there are a couple of reviews posted on Board Game Geek which you can read. Review 1 and Review 2. And here's some of the things that people have said to us via email:

  • "I just received your game in the mail today. I am just opening the game, looking at everything and getting into the Basic Rules. I am already so impressed with the production, detail and care you have taken with the game I wanted to send you a note and tell you that. I look forward to learning the game, playing it for hours on end and enjoying Cricket more and more. " -- Everett, USA
  • “I can't stop playing v5. The changes you've made are superb and the game plays like a dream. Great stuff....” – Colin, UK
  • “This is [a] gem of a game, it reminds me a lot of B-17: Queen of the Skies with its excellent narrative and invokes the imagination and tables that simulate the situation so well, but unlike that game, this game has so many more decisions every turn to be made, it’s astounding. I will give this game a 10 out of 10, for this game manages to bring out the intricacies and dramas in a game of cricket at home…” – Eric, Hong Kong (via review on Board Game Geek).
  • “Just letting you know my copy of Minded arrived the first mail-day after Christmas. Being handmade, I'm really impressed with the quality. Now, I consider myself to be quite a cricket-buff, so whilst there was nothing in the games rule book that I didn't understand, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a little daunting taking in all the different charts, modifiers etc. I was thinking to myself 'it's going to take me forever to remember all of this without referring to the rule book!'. So I decided to play a session just to get used to the game (advanced rules, I love how In-depth it is!), and found that after the initial 5 overs, which seemed to take an eternity as I poured over the rulebook making sure I didn't miss anything, I found myself using the rulebook less and less and picking it up really quickly. Tendulkar and Dravid punished England to be 0/150 at lunch. I think it's all really well designed, especially the game board itself, which makes it really easy to keep track of every little thing that's going on. I thought keeping up with the modifiers would be difficult, but it's great to have them all there on the board. Can't wait to get playing more and see how i go over a full test match, but so far I'm really impressed!” – Brett, Australia.
  • "I've been finally getting my arms around your game, as well as the sport of cricket as a whole (I bought the game knowing next to nothing about the sport). Fittingly, I had some time recently in London and worked out (I think) the basic game. It's a beautiful board game and has been fun to play around with." – Anthony, USA.
  • "The game is good and realistic. It is extremely easy to understand the rules. There are several details, but without exaggeration. And certain rules are optional, so if we don’t want to use them, it is OK! You can really feel the flow of the real test match. Even with the basic game! You can see batsmen building big leads, but also collapsing. You can see a bowler destroying opponents’ line-up but also being demolished. And don't forget the weather…" – Stefano, Italy (via review on Board Game Geek).

Of course, the best way to discover Minden Cricket is to try it for yourself. If you want to, you can buy the game here. Enjoy!