2018 - India vs. England - Classic Series

2018 - India vs. England - Classic Series

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Wisden's summary of this series clarifies why England's 4-1 victory during five magnificent Tests should appear so one sided on the final win-loss ledger.

In his wonderful summary of the series, Wisden's Jonathan Liew states: "A more honest summary...would read: one trouncing apiece, and three close finishes, all of which -- roared on for the most part by partisan capacity crowds -- England managed to sieze".

This Classic Series set of cards for the board game, Minden Playing Card Cricket, should serve as a nice entrée for the nine (yes count them) Tests that are to come during 2021.

As Joe Root and Virat Kohli get ready this set allows you to step back to the last time these two great sides met and see what might have been.

Note: Gamers should note that realistically utilising players to match the number of games they played in a Series will tend to increase the realism of the statistics generated during the game.

Players in this set:

England: AN Cook, AU Rashid, BA Stokes, CR Woakes, DJ Malan, JC Buttler, JE Root, JM Anderson, JM Bairstow, KK Jennings, MM Ali, OJ Pope, SCJ Broad, SM Curran

India: AM Rahane, CA Pujara, GH Vihari, HH Pandya, I Sharma, JJ Bumrah, KD Karthik, KL Rahul, Kuldeep Yadav, M Vijay, Mohammed Shami, R Ashwin, RA Jadeja, RR Pant, S Dhawan, UT Yadav, V Kohli

This set of Advanced Player Cards is available as a downloadable PDF immediately after purchase.

For more information on this Classic Series:

Image Source: Cricinfo.

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